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Concrete replacement and surface protection Solutions for shotcrete and tunnel lining appliions Injection systems for waterproofing, filling and sealing of cracks and cavities Drive supporting measures and backfill grout mortars Product systems for the manufacture

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11/11/1975· The concrete placement hose unit of claim 1 wherein said hose unit has the outer surface of the hose body adjacent the inner edge of the coupling end removed to expose at least one wire. 3. The concrete placement hose unit of claim 1 wherein said wire support includes a continuous pair of coils wound as a single layer with adjacent coil turns formed of hardened wire.

Injectable hose with integral ‘valves’ for sealing construction joints in watertight structures Construction

cm (6’’) above horizontal construction joints, or next to the vertical construction joints When installing junction boxes, the PVC hose injection and vent ends are continued approx. 10 cm (4’’) into the junction box so that the ends are accessible for injection.

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For construction joints subject to minor loads For sealing crack control joints in concrete For sealing pipelines and earthing strips 44 KUNEX® INTERNAL EXPANSION JOINT TAPE WITH INJECTION HOSE a b k f c Type DIN 18541-2 Type Company standard


AQUAFIN-1K is a cement-based, polymer modified, waterproof coating. Mixed with water it forms a dense, rigid surface barrier. It consists of portland cement, well graded quartz sand and polymer enhanced chemical ingredients. Colors: GRAY or WHITE standard.

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SikaFuko® VT-1 and VT-2 Injection Hose (formerly Greenstreak) is a product in the Concrete Forming, Formwork, and Accessories egory. Find submittal-ready datasheets, SDS, specs, ICC-ES reports. Submittal data - SikaFuko® VT-1 and VT-2 Injection Hose (formerly Greenstreak) - A re-injectable hose for sealing various construction and connection joints in watertight concrete structures.

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It can be used by itself as a single protection waterstop, or with other components of the Krystol Waterstop System as a double or triple protection option for construction joints. How It Works Krytonite Swelling Waterstop is adhered using Krytonite Adhesive at or near the center of the construction joint to the clean, dry, concrete surface.

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Concrete joint or cold joint repair Concrete joint or cold joint repair is very similar to repairing a foundation crack. The differences between the two come down to the definition of a crack and the definition of a concrete joint. What is the difference between a cold joint

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30/6/2015· A waterstop installed in concrete joints is an important component of an overall waterproofing design to protect below-grade portions of a concrete structure. These products’ use in construction joints ( i.e. ‘cold joints’) is a good design practice for building foundations, with or without a positive-side waterproofing merane.

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SikaFuko VT-1 is used to seal construction joints in watertight structures against water and salt water ingress. It is cast into the construction joints with the concrete. To seal the joint SikaFuko VT-1 can be injected with suitable Sika injection materials including acrylic and polyurethane resins, or microfine cement suspensions.

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Rapid Concrete Bridge Deck Overlays [2018-10-09] Michael M. Sprinkel, P.E., Associate Director of the ia Transportation Research Council has produced a 29-slide Power Point presentation on concrete bridge overlays. The presentation describes ia’s

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Vandex is the worldwide registered trademark for a range of professional construction chemical products for waterproofing, protection and repair of concrete and for building protection. Read more… Title Description Range Product Type Download Below ground

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Injection hose systems SikaFuko® is a range of specially designed solid core PVC Injection Hose Systems which can be installed in concrete construction joints to waterproof them and also to seal any cracks or voids in the joint areas.

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certifie. Our injection hoses can be fitted in joint tapes and joint plates in construction joints. Most conventional injection hoses have a circular cross section, which means they can only lie tangentially. Our hose has a hexagonal shape. This increases

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Each injection hose system uses permeable or perforated hose that is installed at construction joints, in short lengths (typically less than 30 ft.). The hose core is surrounded by a woven mesh outer layer so resin injected under pressure can pass out of the hose into the joint, but the freshly poured concrete of the second concrete pour cannot enter the hose and clog it.

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QUELLMAX is used as a waterstop in concrete construction joints. PREDIMAX Injection Hose PREDIMAX is a double-jacketed PVC based hose with offset openings and/or slots for outlet of compressed injection material to seal joints in subterranean constructions.

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Especially in wood construction, joints are exposed to higher movement due to seasonal humidity variations. For construction joints, movement joints and connection joints, Sika waterproof joint sealing solutions including hydrophilic gaskets, thermoplastic waterbars and tape systems stand up to the unique demands.

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The hose is placed at the central line of the construction joints using clips and the ends are connected to nonperforated hose with termination in near-surface mounted junction boxes. After the casting and destripping of the concrete cover of the junction box is loed and marked for future operations.


Pre-installed SikaFuko® injection hose system in construction joints or as a back-up system on waterbars: ́ Very low viscosity, long term flexibility, long pot-life for optimum

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An injection hose system for sealing joints in concrete structures MAPEBAND TPE TPE tape for flexible sealing and waterproofing of expansion joints and cracks subject to movement.TECHNICAL DATA:Sizes available: – 17 cm (MAPEBAND TPE 170);– 32.5 cm (MAPEBAND TPE 325).Width of

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Injection hose for cold joints and construction joints, pipe penetrations, joints between slurry walls, … Injection with PURINJECT or ACRYLINJECT systems. Injection hose Material 100% polyethylene (imperishable) and equipped with a special water-repellent

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Expansion Joints for Concrete Expansion Joints vary from structure to structure. Vector Construction installs a wide variety of concrete expansion joint and nosing systems. Expansion joints permit volume change movement, generally due to temperature change of a

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Injection of joints at railbypass mechelen by use of Injection Hose Contacto Contacto Inicio Blog Buscar Aditivos Áridos Canteras Cementos Construcción Hormigón Maquinaria Minería Morteros Perforación Prefabricados RCD Túneles

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Sika Fuko Injection Hose System is a unique joint waterproofing solutions which can be installed in concrete construction joints to waterproof them and seal any cracks and voids in it. Usage SikaFuko® Eco 1 is used to seal construction joints in watertight

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I am looking for any information regarding the use of construction joints for permanent shotcrete wall facing. In many experiences, the spacing and design of the joints are the same as you would expect for a cast in place wall. Cast-in-place foam concrete is a new

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